Alcohol Addiction Rehab in Trenton, NJ

In the course of our efforts helping people with alcohol addiction rehab in Trenton, we see that lack of information is often a serious impediment.

Most Americans enjoy a moderate relationship with alcohol, consuming no more than two drinks a day. Sometimes, however, an alcohol habit goes beyond, into territory that the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism labels risky. Each month, a quarter of the adult population of the country crosses the line with such risk-prone behavior. It results in a situation where more than a million people end up seeking treatment for addiction each year.

We have found it to be one of the best things that we can do for our clients and the community at large is to simply help with expert information on what the disease of alcohol addiction is all about.

If you suspect that you suffer from alcohol addiction, your first aim should be to attempt to understand. It's possible to escape it, but only if you know what you are dealing with. Read on, and call us with any questions you may have.

What is Alcohol Addiction?

A troubled relationship with alcohol usually begins with alcohol abuse. When you frequently binge on alcohol by downing five or more drinks in a single two-hour session, your risk of developing a habit rises. If you've failed more than once at bringing your drinking under control, you should consider the possibility that you actually are addicted.

When an abusive relationship to alcohol turns into actual addiction, it's usually possible for even the untrained observer to tell. It usually comes with some of these behavioral changes:

  • Drinking done during the day.
  • Trouble begins to show up at work and at home.
  • Trouble with the law.
  • Drinking continues even when it becomes clear that the drinking comes with serious consequences.

Addiction doesn't happen to everyone who abuses alcohol. It only happens to some who are unlucky enough to possess genetic, psychological and mental health vulnerabilities to alcohol.

How Do Escape Alcohol Addiction?

A brain that relies on the presence of alcohol for its natural functions is considered physically dependent. Attempting to stop an alcohol habit can be very difficult then, because without the substance, the brain is unable to function. If you stop alcohol, it can send the brain into a condition known as withdrawal.

We treat alcohol withdrawal in Trenton with careful medical attention. The brain tries hard to restart functions previously suppressed. Unfortunately, withdrawal is a process that can result in extremely painful and dangerous symptoms. Lethal manifestations such as tremors, seizures and hallucinations are common. To stop active alcohol use in a safe and responsible way, it's important to accept alcohol rehab treatment called detoxification.

At our alcohol addiction rehab in Trenton the detoxification stage has qualified addiction specialists observing patients. They develop custom treatment plans for each patient, and make sure that no dangerous withdrawal symptom is allowed to surface or cause harm. At the end of our drug detox in Trenton the patient comes out fresh, healthy and new, with none of the everyday symptoms of withdrawal.

Many make the mistake of assuming that they are cured of addiction altogether at this stage, and they quit rehab. This is a serious mistake.

Psychological Addiction

Overcoming the effects of physical dependence on alcohol is just one part of what makes alcohol addiction difficult to escape. Once an addict successfully completes detox, he stands only small chance of remaining sober for any significant period of time. In most cases addicts relapse or return to addictive behavior in one year. The reason is simple — the patient has only treated their physical dependence and not the psychological addiction.

Psychological addiction comes from a change brought about by alcohol, one that involves a love of addictive behavior. This cannot be unlearned. What can be done, however, is the accepting of our programs for relapse prevention in Trenton -- long-term psychological and behavioral training. It helps with ways to avoid thoughts of alcohol. Relapse prevention is the only known route out of addiction to alcohol.

Alcohol Addiction Rehab in Trenton Drug Rehab Centers

Admitting that you have a problem is the first step to becoming free. If you already understand this, it's a huge step. To successfully leave alcohol behind, what you need to do is to learn well what causes addiction, and then use your knowledge to follow through in treatment. There is not one step that you can afford to skip.

You need detoxification, and everything that goes into relapse prevention — cognitive behavioral therapy, twelve-step programs, motivational interviewing, individual, group and family therapy, and psychiatric treatment.

When you invest in complete treatment in our alcohol addiction rehab in Trenton, you come out a winner. It can help to talk to an expert to truly understand why you need to put in all the effort that it takes.

Call us for a chat with our experts in alcohol addiction rehab in Trenton, and we will let you have all the information that you need. The more you know, the better the position you are in to take control back.(877) 804-1531.

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