Drug Withdrawal in Trenton, NJ

If quitting drugs were simply about committing to a healthier, more responsible life, everyone who was addicted would be able to do it. In truth, however, very few manage to gain freedom from addiction without years of work and a great deal of help. The drug withdrawal syndrome is one important reason why it tends to be hard: quitting involves a great deal of physical discomfort and pain. At our center for drug withdrawal in Trenton, we often see patients come in, in a vulnerable state. They chose drugs for short-term escape from life's routine challenges, but found themselves trapped in challenges even worse.

They simply don't have the strength that they need to face the difficulties of drug withdrawal, and would rather simply continue with their addiction, instead. What we explain to them is that with scientifically designed drug withdrawal treatment programs, they do not need to worry about pain.

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What is Drug Withdrawal?

The brain's reward center is responsible for pleasure — not just for the pleasure that you may feel when you're successful at something or when you have great fun, but for the general baseline feeling of well-being that you experience. When recreational drugs are allowed to enter the brain, it is this part that they affect. Drugs directly attach to the neurotransmitters in the brain's reward center.

When drugs come in, they take over the reward center, and force the immediate release of neurotransmitters that would normally go out over days. They force several days' worth of pleasure, all in a few moments. When commandeered in this way, the reward center soon loses the ability to function on its own. It learns to rely on the arrival of drugs to create any sense of well-being, at all.

When a person addicted to drugs decides to quit, the brain takes time to reestablish control, performing erratically for days. It is this effect that is behind the severe pain, discomfort, convulsions, seizures and hallucinations that we treat for drug withdrawal in Trenton.

Drug Withdrawal is Dangerous

While addicts may have seen drugs as an acceptable solution to life's problems at one point, they often develop a desire to do things on their own escaping from the problem presented by their addiction. As paradoxical as it may seem, it's a feeling that is common in addiction.

Drug withdrawal, however, is a dangerous process. It isn't anything that one should attempt to overcome on their own. One in 20 of those who attempt to fight their own way out of withdrawal die in the attempt. The safest way is to undergo treatment in our inpatient rehab in Trenton.

When a person is addicted, they experience a low threshold for pain or for challenging life situations, as well. They stand little chance of doing well against the extremely difficult challenges of drug withdrawal. Most simply quit. The larger danger comes in the form of damage done to the addict's long-term prospects. At our drug withdrawal in Trenton, we are aware of research on this phenomenon: when an addict experiences extreme withdrawal symptoms such as seizures, the brain can find disengaging from drugs much harder. While there may be no immediate signs of harm visible, long-term success is imperiled.

Why Seek Treatment for Drug Withdrawal in Trenton?

Gradual withdrawal under medical supervision at drug withdrawal treatment centers is the only scientifically proven way to successfully quit drugs. In inpatient drug withdrawal treatment programs, doctors put personalized plans for drug detox in Trenton for each patient to ensure that there is a minimum of disruption brought to body or the brain. Not only does such a careful and sensitive approach help each patient easily consider quitting drugs, it helps protect the patient from withdrawal injuries that can cause long-term consequences.

It is important for patients and their families to thoroughly educate themselves in the rehab process before they start. A number of unscientific approaches exist to detoxifying from drugs. There is rapid detox, and there is drugless detox among other the first time such medically unsound ideas. It's important to know enough to find the right drug withdrawal treatment facility.

Since patient education is as important as it is, finding professionals to talk to can go a great way in helping you in your mission. At our center for drug withdrawal in Trenton, we help patients and their families every day by counseling them, and helping them see how to find the best treatments, and offering it to them if they choose to enter our drug rehab in Trenton.

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